Vision, Purpose, Values


“Enabling our students to experience the fullness of life” (John 10:10)


“To nurture authentic, courageous, faith filled people with a passion for learning, respect for relationships and an ability to contribute to a global community.”


In the context of actively supporting the Vision and Mission of the Lismore Diocese and St Agnes’ Parish, Port Macquarie, we at St Agnes’ Parish Secondary Schools will:

  • Provide students with a holistic education in the Catholic tradition.St Agnes_Mackillop - Low Res-40
  • Ensure that our educational endeavour is underpinned by a commitment to evangelisation, witness, worship, service and community.
  • Engage students in contemporary learning that will empower them.
  • Collaborate as teachers to ensure all students learn at a high level.
  • Promote excellence among students and staff.
  • Create school environments that are welcoming, caring, safe, supportive and well structured.
  • Promote partnerships and quality relationships based on the values taught by Jesus.
  • Maintain high standards in personal behaviour and professional conduct.
  • Work together as a family of schools to ensure a united Parish secondary schools’ endeavour

College Core Values

Love encompasses all values. We are called to love like Jesus. In seeking to accompany young people towards fullness of life through living a life of love, MacKillop College chooses to deliberately focus on six core values.