Safe Travel 


Visitor Parking

The College has a carpark for parents and visitors located at the front of the College. There is also a pick up/drop off bay available for parents who are dropping off or collecting of an afternoon. We ask that all parents and visitors respect our drop off bay guidelines and do not use this as a parking space for an extended period of time. Staff and students have access to several car parks located behind the college.

Students who ride bikes, skateboards & scooters

Students who wish to make their own way to school for the day on their bikes are able to lock them in our bike racks, located near the College bus bay. Students are required to bring their own bike locks and are responsible for their safety equipment.

Student drivers

Once our students become licensed to drive to and from school, there is an available car park for student parking on the senior site. Whilst this is a great responsibility, it is important for students to remember that they are expected to arrive at the College on time and not leave until the end of day school bell. The college also requires permission from a parent/carer for any student to leave the college for appointments or personal reasons. Senior students are able to sign out with this note, via the College office, and drive themselves. Students who do not obey the road rules or drive safely on school property, or whilst wearing the college uniform, may lose the privilege to drive to school.

Travelling by Bus

Regional and rural school travel is available via Transport NSW.

Any student can apply online for free school travel in regional and rural NSW. You only need to complete one form, even for journeys using more than one operator. Each student will receive a pamphlet for applying for a bus pass in their book packs for Year 7, for those students in other years who wish to sign up for a bus pass head to Once an online application form is received it is then sent to the College for confirmation of the students enrolment, and that the given details are correct. From there, you will get an email confirming if the student is approved for free travel. You only need to apply if the student has never been approved for free school travel before.

Students in a shared parental responsibility situation should submit a separate application for both addresses. For those students who have a current bus pass for our local area, you need to update student details online in order to change their name, age, address, school, or campus. You can go to to do this.