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Parents are the first teachers of their children and their role in their lives is crucial.  I value and appreciate this and encourage parents to take a keen interest and active role in their child’s secondary education.  The journey through teenage years to adulthood is a beautiful one but it can be complex and a close partnership with the school will assist our students as they blossom and grow”.

Cath Eichmann

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Student Reporting

Parents are able to access their child’s report through the parent portal of our student management system. Parents can do this by clicking the link below and creating a new parent login. To do this, and to ensure security of information, you must use the email provided to the school on your child’s enrolment form. Once an account has been set up it will remain active until a student is no longer enrolled at the College. Once the account has been activated, you are able to select the parent portal to access your child's Student Learning Profiles. In addition to reports being available, a whole range of other very important information is available through this parent portal.

The digital reports will remain available to access at any point in time and over the years will form a very important repository of information on a child’s progress.


Parent/Teacher Interviews

At several points through the school year, MacKillop College hosts Learning Conversations (formerly known as parent/teacher interviews). As per all conversations in relation to our students’ learning, we encourage your child to also attend these appointments.

These interviews are one part of the very important process of our students gaining the most from their schooling and provide an opportunity for parents and teachers to meet to ensure open and collaborative communication which assists students not only in their learning, but in their growth as young men and women.

The Learning Conversation times are arranged through our Assistant Principal of Curriculum and parents are notified via the College Newsletter and email in order to schedule times with the appropriate teachers.

Information Evenings

Every year for our incoming Year 7 students and those of our Year 10 students who choose to continue Year 11 and 12 HSC education through MacKillop College, we hold information evenings. These are collective efforts from our college staff members to showcase all our college has to offer for those families in the community who are considering, or have chosen to, enrol here.

For the different year levels, communication and details of the events are advertised via our College Website and Facebook page. Throughout the year the college hosts various information evenings to assist parents in their partnership with the school to better understand the academic requirements, social challenges and wellbeing of teenagers. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend these evenings.