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St Agnes’ Parish Secondary Schools’ Leadership (SAPSS) Team and the Information Communication Technologies Review Committee work together annually to develop a sustainable, cost effective and contemporary ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) solution for students in our Secondary Colleges.

Each year our enrolling Year 7 students and families will receive information on the BYOD for the following year. These devices should sustain students until the end of their Year 10 year, at which point if they choose to continue on to Year 11 and 12, another device is generally recommended. In addition to the student device, at the end of each school year information is sent out via the College Newsletter and Facebook page for books and supplies that students will need for the following year.

2024 Requisites

Technology Requirements for Years 11 & 12

The following guide is provided to help students and parents make an informed decision about the purchase of a device that will suit their needs throughout Year 11 and 12. Families are encouraged not to purchase a device until subject choices are made and the relevant subject teachers have been consulted. Please read the following guide carefully, and consult the Leader of Learning Techologies, Mr Rhys Jones if you have any further questions.

Please note the college advises families that an iPad can cater for all learning needs until the end of Year 10. The iPad can be appropriate for Year 11 and 12 as a 'standard' BYOD device. 

Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) can be obtained for free via a valid student email account. There is no need to purchase this as an extra cost. 


In Years 11 and 12 students are required to have a device which best supports their learning pathway. 

General Overview of the BYOD Program (student-owned device)

Students will supply their own device eg. tablet or laptop. This device: 

  • must be able to connect to the school wi-fi internet connection;
  • give students full ownership and responsibility for the licensing of software (owned by the student);
  • gives students full responsibility for their own warranty and repairs;
  • must have a minimum 32GB storage and 2gb RAM so that students have enough space to save their work and have a device that is fast to work with;
  • should be under three years old and running and up to date operating system;
  • must have an active u to date anti-virus program installed on laptops and android devices;
  • needs to have a battery life of at least six hours to last a full school day;
  • needs to be portable and comfortable for the student to carry;
  • needs to be stored in a sturdy case;
  • a minimum screen size of 9.7 inches is recommended

In the case that a student fails to bring in their device, teachers will follow standard management procedures as outlined in the pastoral care policy and the college assessment policies in the same manner as if a student fails to bring any other required material to class. 

Students bring their own property to the school at their own risk and the school will not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to student owned technology. 

Students are able to purchase a Lismore Catholic Schools Office tested and approved laptop from The Somerville Group. This option included three year's warranty and Accidental Damage Protection. Any warranty or repairs are managed through the school, however no software will be supplied or installed as an image. 

If you have a suitable device that meets the general requirements there is no need to purchase a new device. 

Student Responsibilities

All students are to agree to the College's Acceptable Use Agreement. This applies when using any digital technologies at school, at home, and during College excursions, camps and extra-curricular activities.

BYOD Specifications - Option 1 'Standard'

Recommended for all Preliminary and HSC subjects other than those identified as specialist

Software Requirements  Hardware Requirements 

No specialist software required. Standard software is: 

  • Web browser eg. Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome
  • Word processing/Note taking software eg. MS Word, Pages, Notability, Google Docs 
  • Presentation software eg. PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides 
  • Spreadsheet software eg/ Excel, Numbers, Google Spreadsheet 

Laptop (eg. Windows, Mac) or tablet (eg. iPad) with wireless connectivity and webcam. This device must meet the general requirements of the BYOD program 

BYOD Specifications - Option 2 'Specialist'

Highly recommended for the following subjects:

  • Creative Arts
    Visual Arts (*depending on body of work), Music 1, Music 2 and Music Extension
  • Technological and Applied Studies
    Design and Technology, Industrial Technology - Timber and Textiles 
Software Requirements  Hardware Requirements
  • Specialist software used in a course/subject. This software is on school computers and classes will have access to computer laboratories 
  • Access to software at home or on a BYOD necessary to complete some class work, homework and assessments 

* Some specialist software may be at a commercial cost to the student - please discuss with the appropriate Leader of Learning 

Two devices: Student 'standard' device for school (above) PLUS access at home to a late model PC capable of running high-end programs eg. Autodesk Suite or Creative Cloud Suite 

One device: Student owned laptop for use at school and home capable of running high end programs eg. Autodesk Suite or Creative Cloud Suite 

* Check with Leader of Learning or Leader of Learning Technologies about suitability of device to run specialist software